Security is a matter

of trust.

Ever since money and valuables exist, there is the question of how to secure it best. Since 1857 the high-security locks made by Carl Wittkopp deliver convincing answers that set new standards.

Our owner-managed traditional company distinguishes itself by a permanent, modern and market oriented development of the complete product range.

Precision manufacturing – Made in Germany, concentration to core competences, proximity to customers and power of innovation guarantee an extensive offer on high-quality mechanical and electronic security products even in the future: economic, reliable and globally renowned.

Security is a matter

of teamwork.

The development of innovations and the production of high quality products require a tight cooperation and good communication with our business partners.

The teamwork – the internal and external one – is crucial for a successful company development and guarantees a quick realisation of ideas into good products. Our employees understand themselves as team players and support our customers with their own product ideas. We attach great importance to this interaction since many generations.

Due to the signs of globalisation and in regard of having a proportion of exports of nearly 80% a strong cooperation with our more than ten international partners is very important next to our collaboration with German partners. Only because of this day-to-day team spirit we are able to face the challenges of time and turn intensive proximity to customers into power of innovation.

Security is a matter

of precision.

Modern manufacturing processes and highly qualified employees are guarantors for precision. In Germany at the place of location Velbert we produce and develop mechanical or electronic lock solutions and boltworks that fulfill all requirements of the security market.
This is achieved by a constant modernisation of our manufacture facilities, the intensive advanced training of employees and supervision of all internal processes, which we secure by a careful selection of suppliers.
With this precise interaction and the exact supervision of all processes we achieve our goal of an uncompromising quality management. This is the claim we demand from ourselves and which we will oblige our-selves to in the future.

Security is a matter

of development.

Our multiple certified products run through highly modernised
development processes. The in-house development department
with its highly qualified employees guarantees the quick and flexible realisation of customer and market requirements of the security industry.
These processes result in an extensive product portfolio of mecha- nical and electronic solutions that stand out by highest operational standard of modularity, functionality and reliability.
Our high-security locks are not only highly demanded because of their technological class but also stand out with their design. Exemplary for this stands the iF Design Award and the German Design Award with which our products have already been awarded.

Security is a matter

of reliability.

The ratio of electronic locking solutions constantly increases for safes of all security classes. Reliability here means functionality, user friendli-ness and compatibility of lock, input unit and software.

Since a long time our emphasis is on constant optimisation and extension of our own development, construction and manufacturing departments. Resulting from these high standards is an extensive and permanently extended portfolio of electronic lock series, high-class security systems and reliable OEM solutions that are adapted to specific customer requirements and guarantee that our products are up to date with modern technology.

The same applies of course to high security class locks – we are
leading in development and manufacturing of redundant high security lock systems.

Security is a matter

of innovation.

The need for security in the private and economic sector constantly rises. In order to make lock systems for safes and gun cabinets even more secure individual-related characteristics like biometric finger prints become more and more significant.

However, this data has to be thief-proof, the system has to work reliable on a daily basis and easily to be operated. These requirements to security and comfort were met with our unique portfolio of VdS certified biometric lock systems and offer therefore a special innovation of electronic technology.

Internationally we are one of the leading manufacturers and pioneer in adaption of this new and reliable security technology.

Security is a matter

of experience.

When storing money or valuables not just the quality of the safe is important. It has to be opened and closed reliably. A consistent and malfunction-free operation of the locks requires in all cases high-quality choice of material, manufacturing and above all experience.

Our mechanical safe and deposit locks combine these essential
criteria since more than 150 years and gained an excellent
reputation worldwide.

Our locks, keys and accessories made in our manufacture are able to satisfy from day to day due to high-quality, maximal security and longevity. Of course we also deliver our lattice door locks and combination locks as well as heavy duty federal locks only in best excellence and quality.

Security is a matter

of quality.

Next to our extensive product range of electronic, biometric
and mechanical high-security locks, Carl Wittkopp also develops
high-quality boltworks for safes of all kinds and security
Our mechanical masterpieces offer maximal protection from
tampering and manipulation.
They transfer attacking forces directly onto the safe door and
operate with excellent force deflection. They offer installation
and service friendliness while at the same time reducing weight.

Therefore they simplify the manufacturing process of safes and gun cabinets as well as safe doors. Our boltworks are also very suited for the protection of ATMs, cash-recyclers and deposit systems. The enormous quality of our products
did not only convince in practice but under the most difficult testing environments as well: Carl Wittkopp is owner of the BSI certification for VS steel cabinets and VS security doors.

Security is a matter

of service.

Our demand for quality does not end with the sale of our products. This is why we have high standards for professional, reliable and personal service.
We established a qualified network in Germany of committed and dedicated service technicians. It only consists of safe technicians who are trained and certified by us.
But not only in Germany, our customers abroad will also get thorough service. There are also service technicians at your service that were intensively trained at our lock series.