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Application range

  • Hotel, small and home safes
  • Gun cabinets
  • Master-key systems
  • VDMA A/B safes
  • EN 0 - II safes


Technical documentation

Wall safe lock 2608


  • Lock made of steel with a bent bolt for attaching angle brackets
  • Angle bracket available with or without riveted locking bolt
  • Lock cover simultaneously acts as lock mounting plate and anti-drilling plate which means that the lock can be welded straight to the door

Options & accessories

  • Lock actuated by master key: The master key is higher ranking and actuates every lock in the system, whereas the user keys can only actuate a single lock. Certification expires
  • Suited for master key systems with up to 50 cabinets
Technical characteristics 2608-011-0
Lock case/bolt  galvanized steel
Lock cover  combined mounting bracket and anti-drilling plate, hardened manganese steel
Lock  right-hand
Levers  8
Fixing points  standard
Bolt  flat bolt - bent
Bolt stroke (mm)  12
2 double-bit keys (mm)  die-cast zinc, 65
Lock options
Lock  left-hand
Lock cover  without anti-drilling plate
Bolt  flat bolt - straight/square bolt
Angle (mm)  120/320
Stud (mm)  Ø 18 x 25/Ø 20 x 25/Ø 25 x 25
Extension latch (mm)  142/182/232/ other lengths on request
Guide lugs for extension latch 
Lock prepared for arrestable extension latch 
Closure by master key - certification expires 
Keyed-alike lock - certification expires 
Key removable from lock when open - certification expires 
Key options
Die-cast zinc (mm)  95/120
Brass (mm)  72/94/114
Red brass (mm)  56
Nickel silver (mm)  96