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Application range

  • Hotel, small and home safes
  • Gun cabinets
  • Master-key systems
  • VDMA A/B safes
  • EN 0 - V safes

Technical documentation

Safe lock 1821


  • Series 18, designed for VdS lock security classes 1 to 3 (EN 1300 A to C)


Special model

  • Lock 1821-2: Control and standard lock mechanisms positioned above each other so only a single keyhole is visible. The control mechanism must be opened before it is possible to unlock the standard mechanism. The lock can then be actuated with the standard mechanism

Options & accessories

  • Lock actuated by master key: The master key is higher ranking and actuates every lock in the system, whereas the user keys can only actuate a single lock. Certification expires
Technical characteristics 1821-000-0
Lock case/lock plate/bolt  chromated steel
Lock  right-hand
Levers  11
Fixing points  standard
Bolt  square bolt
Bolt stroke (mm)  12
2 double-bit keys (mm)  nickel silver, 96
Lock options
Lock plate  without
Lock  left-hand
Bolt  flat bolt
Square bolt with threaded holes  2 x M4
Lock actuated by master key - certification expires 
Keyed-alike lock - certification expires 
Key removable from lock when open - certification expires 
Key options
Die-cast zinc (mm) - only for right-hand locks  115/135/170
Nickel silver (mm) - lafette key  66
Nickel silver (mm)  150
Nickel silver/steel (mm)  180/230/280/320
Nickel silver/steel (mm) - detachable bit key or folding key  150/180/230/280/320
Special model without certification 1821-2
Mechanism control standard
Levers 4 7
Lock case/bolt chromated steel
Lock right-hand
Fixing points standard
Bolt square bolt
Bolt stroke (mm) 12
2 double-bit keys each for control and standard mechanism (mm) nickel silver, 96