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Certification GATOR 8000

Certification GATOR 9000

Application range GATOR 8000

  • safes EN 0 - XII

Application range GATOR 9000

  • safes EN 0 - XIII


Technical documentation

GATOR 8000/9000


  • Redundant lock system, in which all security-relevant parts are built in twice. Thus in case one element should fail, functionality is not affected
  • Extremely high bolt force of the motor lock (50 N)
  • 2 preadjusted turnable coding switches on the lock for adjusting the adress when using more than one lock
  • Redundant wiring possible

Suited for input units

Technical characteristics GATOR 8000/9000
System  redundant
Lock case/bolt  die-cast zinc
Lock - mounting position  right-hand/left-hand/up/down
Fixing points  standard
Square bolt with threaded holes  2 x M4
Bolt movement  motor-driven
Bolt force (N)  50
Bolt stroke (mm)  9 - 15 mm, steplessly adjustable
Options & accessories GATOR 8000/9000
Input units  GATOR DF
Software  GatorSelect set: configuration software GatorSelect, audit software GatorAudit, iButton reader, iButtonSelect level C, adpater
Extension box  GatorSignal plus: VdS certified box for potential-free signal exchange
Extension box  GatorPower Adapt: VdS tested box for power supply
iButtonSelect level 20/30/ gateway level 30  licence key level 20/30/ gateway level 30