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Application range

  • safes VDMA A/B
  • safes EN 0 - V


Technical documentation

GATOR 3000/3010


  • Locking and opening by motor-driven bolt movement
  • Spring-loaded bolt jumps into locking position when boltwork is being closed. Crush load protection by spring-loaded bolt, hence no boltwork position switch is needed
  • Turnable coding switch on the lock for adjusting the adress when using more than one lock
  • Redundant wiring possible

Emergency lock system

  • The electronic lock GATOR 3010 is complimented by a key lock. Therefore, a mechanical opening in case of an emergency is possible. There is the possibility to mount the emergency lock system horizontally or vertically


Suited for input units

Technical characteristics GATOR 3000
Lock case/bolt  galvanised steel
Lock - mounting position  right-hand/left-hand/up/down
Fixing points  standard
Spring-loaded square bolt with threaded holes  2 x M4
Bolt movement  motor-driven
Bolt force (N)  2.5
Bolt stroke (mm)  12
Options & accessories GATOR 3000
Input units  GATOR F/DF/RO/FL/FS
Mechanical emergency lock system  GATOR 3010
Software  GatorSelect set: configuration software GatorSelect, audit software GatorAudit, iButton reader, iButtonSelect level C, adpater
Extension box  GatorSignal plus: VdS certified box for potential-free signal exchange
Extension box  GatorPower Adapt: VdS tested box for power supply