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Application range

  • High-quality inside safes
  • ATMs
  • Cash-recyclers
  • Safes in compact design and vault doors up to resistance grade EN 1143-1 grade IV

Technical documentation

Boltwork 7638


  • 1-sided or 3-sided boltwork for 1- or 2-lock operation
  • No predefined operation sequence



  • Additional protection against tampering by single-pane safety glass panel and 4 relockers
  • If ingress is attempted, emergency hammers destroy the pane of safety glass and the relockers are activated


  • Lock and square nut secured against prying
  • Main and vertical shafts designed for M10 screws
  • 3 fixing points for the switching contacts per lock
  • Ease of assembly and mounting and low weight
Technical characteristics 7638
Installation dimensions, closed (mm)  422 x 264
Fixing  bolted
Blocking  3-sided
Stroke - main shaft/vertical shafts (mm)  30/26
Square nut (mm)  11
Hinges at  right
Locking block - number  1
Lock - number  1/2
Lock - footprint  standard
Lock - fixing  M6
Relocker - number  4
Weight (kg)  4.7
Protection against tampering safety glass panel required 
Blocking  1-sided
Square nut (mm)  8
Locking block - number  2