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Dials & rings


  • Combination locks are operated with the dials.
  • Number scale protected by blinds
  • Separate changing and opening index
  • Included in the scope of delivery is a square spindle that can be used with door thicknesses up to 125 mm
  • Prepared notches in the square spindle simplify the trimming
  • Front of dial can be designed individually

Suited for lock

Technical characteristics Dials&rings
Diameter (mm)  92.5
Height (mm)  30
Scale  changing and opening index
Spindle diameter/length (mm)  □ 6/155
Spindle  square spindle
Material  plastic, black (7800-100-0)
  die-cast zinc, black (7800-101-0)
  die-cast zinc, satin chromed (7800-102-0)
  die-cast zinc, gloss chromed (7800-103-0)