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About us

The need to safeguard and protect cash and valuables has existed since time immemorial. This can be achieved only with security concepts that are worked out right down to the very last detail, applying both vast experience and innovative prowess.

The owner-managed traditional company focusses on its core competence of innovation and mechanic precision manufacturing of high security locks. It offers a balanced product range in combination with high-capacity certified electronic components, in order to ensure the safety of valuables.

Mechanical precision is based on careful development and production work. Our products, their quality certified by certification bodies, today pass through a highly modern development process. In that process our technical specialists continously integrate the latest security industry requirements into the locks. Closeness to our customers - both geographically and in our ways of thinking - is the wellspring for economical and reliable high-security concepts. Patented Wittkopp designs devolve from intensive communications and closeness to the customer.


We don't deliver security "off the rack". Instead we supply concepts tailored to your specific needs.


Wittkopp is member of the ECB•S