• EN 1300 A

Application range

  • Small and home safes
  • Gun cabinets
  • VDMA A/B safes
  • EN 0 - II safes


Technical documentation


ElCom 7205


  • Complete locking solution in one: Lock, handle and boltwork
  • Lock plate simultaneously acts as lock mounting plate. It therefore has to be welded straight to the door.
  • Input unit 7200:                                        Opening and locking by moving the lever. Thanks to the integrated recessed grip, no additional handle needed to open the safe
  • Quick battery change - battery accessible from the outside


 Options & accessories

  • When using extension latch with angle and studs, ElCom provides opening and locking mechanism in one. A boltwork is not needed
Functions 7205
User codes  1/2*
Master codes  1
Dual verification procedure  •
Time delay (1-59 min)  •
Opening window (1-2 min)  •
Silent alarm *  •
Battery control  •
Blocking time (complete block of system)  •
Mechanical emergency lock system  •
* = special model 
Technical characteristics ElCom
Lock case/bolt  galvanized steel
Lock  right-hand/left-hand/up/down
Fixing points  standard
Bolt/bolt movement  flat bolt - straight/manually
Bolt stroke (mm)  12
Input unit  7200
Battery  2 x 1.5 V (AAA)
Options ElCom
Input unit  7238
Bolt  flat bolt - bent
Anti-drilling plate  •
Extension latch (mm)  142/other lengths available on request
Angle (mm)  120/other lengths available on request
Stud (mm)  Ψ 25 x 18/Ψ 25 x 20/Ψ 25 x 25
Accessories ElCom